3/23/03 - Newton County, Arkansas Beetle and Habitat

Beetle Habitat - damp sand and stone in foreground

This apparent Tiger Beetle, blew me away. I have never seen anything remotely similar pictured anywhere. Any beetle guys to help? The habitat was wet sand at a vehicle crossing in a mountain creek (picture above). It was very small, I'd guess 7 - 9 mm. The closest species I could find in size and color was Cicindela celeripes, which is tiny but flightless, and the habitat is dry hillsides. This beetle made short flights.


Ok you beetle fans, here is the scoop on my little beetle from Barry Knisely, who is the author of the book (with Tom Shultz) called:
The Biology of Tiger Beetles and a Guide to the Species of the South Atlantic States
Bob:  Beautiful photos.....   Many of us, even me and other tb enthusiasts have been fooled by this group of Carabidae, ground beetles. They are of course riparian. I believe it is genus Elaphrus.  In fact, John Acorn (Tiger Beetles of Alberta) refers to and has a picture of a similar species and mentions it being the only thing that one could probably confuse with a tiger beetle. Barry

The Beetle