Just south of the Cliff House Inn, about 8 miles south of Jasper, Arkansas, on Scenic Byway 7

The Gum Springs Church is not about religion. It's about a relationship with Jesus Christ. It's not about memorizing the Bible, or knowing it in your head. It's about knowing it in your heart. It's not about what church you attend, or what your doctrine is. It's about knowing who, and whose, you are... a righteous child of God - joint heirs with Jesus Christ - Beloved & Blessed ! It's about knowing Jesus - up close and personal.

That's what Gum Springs Church is all about... Knowing Jesus ... Worshipping God. It won't be for everyone... but there will be a few who are missing Jesus in their lives... a few who haven't felt His continual presence in their lives... a few who have been hurt - hurt by life - hurt by the hypocrisy of others who proclaim Jesus, even stand in judgment, but their actions show they do not know Him where it counts - in their heart... There will be a few who have lost that peace and joy of their first encounter with Him, when the Holy Spirit directed their steps and guided them day by day. That daily walk with Him... the abiding in Him as we allow Him to abide in us... that is what Gum Springs Church is all about.

We are here to help others know Jesus - up close and personal. We want to be everything God needs us to be to the people who come to Gum Springs Church.

If you need a place to worship Him on Sunday, or Wednesday, we are here with prayer, the Word, a message, communion, plus wonderful praise and worship. If you need growth in the Word, we have Bible studies. If you need to be discipled one-on-one, we will be available for you. if you need prayer, we will pray with you. Our ministry is to teach and demonstrate a daily walk with Jesus. Let us help you make yours in close communion with Him.

We are told not to forsake the coming together... the fellowshipping with believers. We were created to worship Him... to praise Him. We have a variety of music to exalt His name and celebrate Him. In praise, feel the joy and rejoice in Him. In worship, allow Him to minister to you as you worship Him. Join us in worshipping Jesus ! We'll make that journey down the road to eternity together.

Denver Ray Smith, Pastor