An Oak? (Quercus sp.) - Newton County, Arkansas.
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I recently got this super-dooper whiz-bang Field Guide to Native Oak Species of Eastern North America (USDA/USFS). It is VERY well done, but alas the first time I use it, I fail to identify my victim. However, there is a possibility that this is not an oak, but it sure looks like one to me. It does not seem to fit any species that occurs in northwest Arkansas. The habitat is dry rocky hillsides and glades where soil is thin and poor. The lower picture shows the habitat.
The leaves are shiny, dark green above, and leathery. The underside is paler, with a yellowish pubescence. The leaves look similar to me to the Chapman Oak (Q. chapmanii) that I knew from Florida. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
digital images by Bob Barber - Jasper, Newton County, AR