Exploring the Neighborhood -On Beautiful Winter Days
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This shot from Big Creek Valley, below Bob's house.
Three pictures put together for a panorama - click, then use the scroll bar -->
A nice spot on 374
lots of birds along the road here
Kyles Landing
pretty place
Nice rock formations here
maybe I can find some fossils!
Some fossil Crinoids! they must
have covered the sea floor once
Look ! Gold! Nah...
must be "fools gold" - iron pyrite
Nice size Sycamore trunk!
Big ones in the bottomlands
The Bridge at the Carver canoe launch
More water since the last snow
Some nice "riffles now!
Frozen Waterfalls
Hepatica acutiloba - I've only seen
the round leafed species before
OUCH! I backed into this
almost lost my mind!
Bet a Racoon couldn't climb
this Honey Locust
Neat Crayfish! I thought they
would be deep in a burrow in winter
Wingless (female) Moth
Talk about busy Beavers!
Lost Valley - Eden Falls
Eden Falls - inside looking out