"Spotless" Asterocampa Newton County, Arkansas - 5/28/03
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ventral view

dorsal view
Do I need to say, that this one blew my mind? Obviously, it is the same structure as a Hackberry butterfly, except almost devoid of all patterning, and not a hint of the "eye spots" of any Hackberry species. The four white spots in the forewing are like those of the Hackberry Emperor (A. celtis), and I think I can only call it a mutation of that species, unless someone has a better idea.
Update - Apparently my strange Hackberry Emperor is a known abberation. There is an aberrant of Asterocampa celtis, named ab."inornata" that was named in 1916 from Nebraska. The derivation of "inornata", roughly meaning, lacking ornamentations, seems appropriate (thanks David Wright). Charles Ely reports: "I have a specimen that looks identical taken in Cherokee Co, Kansas 28 v 1987 by Marvin D Schwilling & a less strikingly marked specimen from Ellis Co, Kansas taken 30 vi 1987 (Thanks Chuck, Herschel Raney). .

dorsal view
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