Sailing through life  - Bob Barber


Maintaining your Christian faith can be very similar to navigating a sailing ship.  Life is like the ocean, with strong winds and currents, which make it impossible to navigate a straight line.  The world of the flesh takes us off course, and even for Christians of strong faith, the destination is well know, but we cannot maintain a direct line to it.  Before modern technology, the sailor would to look to the heavens, to fix his position with a sextant, plotting his course with the position of the stars so he could get back on course.  To maintain our Christian faith, we must also look to the heavens, and let the Holy Spirit, plot our course, by using Jesus Christ as our sextant, in order to keep our journey on course, so we can sit beside the throne of God The Father at journeys end.


The more frequently you look to the heavens for guidance, the straighter the course, and the trip will be that much more enjoyable.


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How deep are your roots  - Bob Barber


I often find examples in nature that reminds me of faith.  We are having a severe drought in northwest Arkansas, and the Buffalo River is very low.  Standing, and looking up at the tall bluffs overlooking the river, I noticed that the trees and bushes on the bluff-face were very stressed, turning brown, and withering.  The thin soil where they were rooted could not hold enough moisture to sustain life.  The trees at the river level were still green and lush, because their roots were in deep moist soil, where they could extract nutrients and life-giving moisture.


Unlike trees and plants, we have a choice where we put our roots.  We can put our roots deep into our faith in God, where our soul can receive the nutrients of His Love, tended and protected by the Holy Spirit, and kept pure by the Blood of Christ, or we can put our roots in secular soil, where they might wither and die without nourishment.


Choose wisely and have everlasting life, or choose poorly, and have spiritual withering and death.


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