I prayed to God so many times, to make my life the best, when dreams were not fulfilled, I only got depressed.

I wanted things so badly, I could not understand, that life might not be easy, the way I had it planned.

I did not ask for guidance, when I knelt down to pray, I only asked for things, in life, so I could have my way.

One day in deep depression, I prayed to Him at length, to take all of my troubles, and give me only strength.

I asked Him to be the leader, and guide me in His way, let His love shine upon me; I'd accept His path today.

I surrendered all my will to Him, to guide me day to day, inner peace and serenity is with me now to stay.

I do not know his plan for me, He won't let that be known, but what I know is that His path, is better than my own.

My life is so much better, His path is my path too, depression has been vanquished, my faith in Him is true.

by Bob Barber