The skies had darkened on my life, my spirits on the wane; my mental state seemed nothing more than suffering and pain. My body needed healing, from years of physical abuse; from alcoholic times, and morals way too loose.

I cared not for my fellow man, and they cared not for me; my one and only goal in life was fun and feeling free. I wandered through the darkened streets of life, confused on what to do; I'd heard there was a loving God, to take my troubles to.

How do I find Him? Where is He now? Are these stories really true? So many church's to choose from, and many religions too; I ask my friends; they're lost as well, "the choice is up to you".

As I now wander these dreary streets, with not a sign to guide me; faces from my recent past, are recognized beside me. The faces do not have a name, but I can plainly see; that in this gloom and darkness, they're searching just like me.

The streets are like an endless maze, every one the same; each one leading nowhere, like a children's puzzle game. I do not know how many years, I wander in this place, in dreariness and darkened gloom; another nameless face.

One day I round a corner, and am startled by what I see. There sits the figure of a man, aglow beneath a tree. I approach Him very cautiously, because the glow I fear; my heart is pumping faster, and I even shed a tear. As I approach I see His face, is lighted by the glow. Upon His forehead, there appears to be some blood drops in a row.

Confidence wells inside me; I feel compelled to speak; I ask Him very softly, "are You the one I seek?" He said "no, I'm not the one, but through Me you find the way"; to the place you want to go, and will always want to stay.

I said, "how far is this place, where God is said to be."

He said that "it is here and now, follow My path, you'll see."

"You see He let Me die for you, and cleanse your sins away" "I sit beside Him always, to show you all the way." In My name you pray to Him, whenever you feel the need." "Your faith in Him will grow, as the tiny mustard seed. "Give Him all your burdens, live by His words each day" "Follow the path I light to Him, and never lose your way."

I woke up from a dream-like state; the streets were dark no more. The light of life now shone on me, as I opened up the door. I throw away my guilt, my suffering and my pain. I do not question what's ahead, as that would be in vain. I put all of my trust in Him; He knows my every need. My faith in Him just grows each day, like the tiny mustard seed.

by Bob Barber