We've been told, a pot of gold, sits at the rainbows end. We're always chasing rainbows, but, what message does this send.

We're seeking better things in life, a worthy goal indeed. Instead of chasing rainbows, let God fulfill this need.

Let Jesus become your rainbow, and follow him to the end. Let God become the pot of gold, on him you can depend.

Rainbows appear on leaden clouds, bathed in bright sunlight. When storm clouds come into your life, let Jesus make it right.

Let Him provide the rainbow, and be your source of light. He is he only path to God, and deliverance from your plight.

Give Him all your troubles, confess to Him your sin. In this game of life, my friend, it's your only chance to win.

He will not fix, all that is wrong, but provides the tools to use. So you can make a better life, and never have to lose.

by Bob Barber