Down to the shore to search for shells, and watch a sea with rolling swells; to watch the gulls and hear their cry, I stand in awe, to see them fly. The merging blues of sea and sky, reflections of the sun on high, oh how can anyone deny, that this is God's creation.

Into a forest damp and dark, the giant trees do tower, in open ground where sunshine peeks, the blooming of a flower. The eerie sounds of wood thrush song, comes from all direction; oh how can anyone deny, that this is God's selection.

Climb upon a mountain peak; survey the sight below. Lakes and streams seem very small, the sunlight makes them glow. The shades of greens and blues, of trees, through which the rivers flow. Bring the needed moisture, for all of life to grow. All of life upon the earth needs moisture on demand. Oh how can anyone deny, the work of God's own hand.

On edge of tall grass prairie, where rains have soaked the ground; the blooms of many flowers and colors do abound. Birds and bees collect the pollen, to germinate the seed; for flower, grass and weeds alike, on which the animals feed. Oh how can anyone deny, that God fulfilled this need.

Stand and survey the desert; a parched and sun scorched land. Plants and animals live here too, some drought they can withstand. They live among the sun-baked rocks, the cacti and the sand. Oh how can anyone deny, that God had all this planned.

Science won't explain to us, God's creation or great plan. How can we understand this, when we're only mortal man. By faith alone we know these things, the Bible says it's true. He made all living things on earth, including me and you.

God will not reveal to us the mysteries of creation, but knowing that it happened, gives us cause for great elation. God gave man dominion, to be custodian of this land. Protect and take care of these things, made with God's great hand.

by Bob Barber