Horn's Tiger Beetle (Cicindela hornii)

Otero County, New Mexico
An uncommon Tiger Beetle, occurring in West Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona.  The biology of the species is poorly known.  A few picures of adults and habitat.

Their appearance is highly ephemeral, occurring in habitat after heavy summer rains, then disappearing. These pictures on July 20-21 2009

Habitat: Mesquite/Saltbush scrub,with areas that flood during heavy rain, and fine textured caliche

Those that I have seen stay along the perimeter of the vegetation, or just inside the edge.  The red arrow on the left shows location of the individual on the right   The spots on the back are not maculations, but specks of dirt.  This species is shining black, in New Mexico, but has red and green color morphs elsewhere.

Dr. C. Barry Knisley kindly confirmed the identification that I had tentatively made with:

 A Field Guide to the Tiger Beetles of the United States and Canada
David L. Pearson / C. Barry Knisely / Charles J. Kazilek
images copyright Bob Barber