Today marks the 10th anniversary of the 'going home' day of Ken McAdams.  Many of you knew him as Dad, Papa, relative, class-mate or friend. I knew his as husband and friend. Below is a poem he wrote before his death. Even if you didn't know Ken, I hope you can respect and find comfort  in  his words.


This Old Body

 This old body isn’t much good for anything anymore, except maybe to enrich the soil a little.

Don’t worry about preserving it; just let it go back to dust as God decreed.

I know it’s dear to you, even though you know it’s just an empty house.

For you knew me by its face, its walk, its touch.

These eyes smiled at you, these arms held you, these hands worked for you, so how could they not be cherished?

I don’t know why God made it so, but He willed that we walk in this flesh to love and serve each other.

In some way I can’t fathom, it’s a preparation for that new body He promised.

So through this body I became part of you and you of me.  That part of me will stay with you, but try to grasp the reality that the real, essential me will live on in a body that doesn’t hurt or grow tired, or wear out.

This old body was a miracle while God kept the spark of life in it, but the new one is such a greater miracle that the former fades like a shadow in the sunrise.

So respect this old body as you wish, but view it as a book I wrote some lines in—a faltering expression of the spirit it held captive, that now soars free.

Ken McAdams 1940-2002