Sacramento Prickly Poppy (Argemone pleiacantha pinnatisecta)

Dog Canyon, Otero County, New Mexico

Distribution: New Mexico, Otero County, in 10 canyons on the western slope of the Sacramento Mountains from Fresnal Canyon on the north to Escondido Canyon on the south.

Habitat: Loose, gravelly soils of open disturbed sites; canyon bottoms and slopes, and sometimes along roadsides; 1,300-2,200 m (4,200-7,100 ft).

Sacramento Prickly Poppy

These were known from the upper canyon areas, but a large flash flood in August, 2006, must have transported seeds to the canyon bottoms, where several plants were found.

They appear to be thriving...the plant at the left is over 3' tall and still growing.  The population of this rare subspecies has been declining...hopefuly this will help bring them back.

images copyright Bob Barber