Spring Azure, (Celestrina sp.) New Mexico

The Spring Azure found at high altitude (8,500'+) in the Sacramento Mountains, Lincoln National Forest, Otero County, New Mexico, uses Holodiscus dumosus (Mountain Spray, or Rock Spirea) as a host.

habitat and host (pale blossoms) at 9,650'

host in early bloom (with skipper feeding)

A fresh female ovipositing (top), on 6-8-05 foot tasting? (bottom)
First recorded on 21 May
The adult azures appear to average larger than the Celestrina ladon that I am familiar with from farther east, and most are not as distinctively marked below like this female.

The larva are highly variable, as in other Celestrina populations,
and are attended by ants.

second brood 7-9-05 and 7-29-05

images copyright Bob Barber