Heterochromatic female
form of the Painted Damsel
(Hesperagrion heterodoxum)

Dog Canyon, Otero County, New Mexico
Mystery Solved
This is one of the three heterochromatic female forms of the Painted Damsel (Hesperagrion heterodoxum) most commonly found in the Sacramento Mountains of New Mexico. This form is common on the Rio Bonito, Rio Hondo and further south on the Rio Penasco near Mayhill, New Mexico.  Robert Larsen  Roswell, New Mexico

I originally thought this was Desert Firetail (Telebasis salva) but it has no markings on the thorax, mesostigmal plates, or prothorax I could not match these with illustrations (Westfall and May)

The "striped" femora and tibia do not seen to match T. salva either.

There entire abdomen lacks any markings as well.  The habitat was a shaded a seepage area adjacent to a shallow spring-fed stream. which mostly flows over solid rock and the steep walls covered in Maidenhair Fern, Golden Columbine, and Stream Orchids.  Other odonates in the immediate vicinity was Anax walshinghami, Paltothemis lineatipes, Pseudoleon superbus, Argia lugens, and Argia plana.  
images copyright Bob Barber