Some Otero Butterfies, Bugs, Etc.
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Two-tailed Swallowtail

Tropical Buckeye

Saltbush Sootywing

Blister Beetle

Tailed Orange


Orange-barred Sulphur

Assasin Bug with Caterpillar

Painted Damsel

Orange Skipperling

Mexican Yellow

Marine Blue

Praying Mantis

Tobacco Hornworm Caterpillar

Weidermeyer's Admiral

Flame Skimmer Dragonfly

Funereal Duskywing

Dogface Butterfly

Four-spotted Skipperling

Fiery Skipper

Checkered Skipper (female)

Blue-bodied Meloid Beetle

Cloudless Sulphur Caterpillar

Checkered White and Caterpillar

Net-winged Beetle

Western Pygmy Blue