immature male - dorsal - 7/7/01 - Manumuskin

mature male - dorsal

mature male-lateral

Very similar to Needham's Skimmer. Note the wide stripe on top of the abdomen (variable), the bright scarlet stigmas, and extensive orange wing veins. In lateral view note the faint stripes on the thorax. Needhams Skimmer does not show this, but on young males, there might be thin paler lines at the sutures. Immature male Golden-winged shows a bright whitish side stripe. Adult male Needham's have a solid brown thorax, with no stripe. Orange-red wing veins on Needham's are restricted, and the thick leading vein is dark. Stigmas on young male Needham's are reddish, becoming dark, dull red at maturity, and are always brighter on Golden-winged.