Flight Dates for Southern New Jersey Odonates
Cape May and Cumberland County

Zygoptera - Damselflies

Scientific Name
Vernacular Name
Calopteryx dimidiataSparkling Jewelwing21 May to 9 September
Calopteryx maculataEbony Jewelwing12 May to 10 September
Hetaerina americanaAmerican Rubyspot30 May to 27 September
Lestes congenerSpotted Spreadwing7 September to 8 October
Lestes disjunctus australisCommon Spreadwing19 April to 13 May
Lestes eurinusAmber-winged Spreadwing14 May to 28 June (rare)
Lestes forcipatusSweetflag Spreadwing14 May to 2 October
Archilestes grandisGreat Spreadwing4 July and 10 July (rare)
Lestes inaequalisElegant Spreadwing12 May to 5 August
Lestes rectangularisSlender Spreadwing13 May to 24 October
Lestes unguiculatusLyre-tipped Spreadwing19 June to 21 August (rare)
Lestes vigilaxSwamp Spreadwing9 May to 14 September
Amphiagrion sauciumEastern Red Damsel9 May to 3 July
Argia apicalisBlue-fronted Dancer14 June to 11 September
Argia bipunctulataSeepage Dancer11 May to 13 September
Argia fumipennis violaceaVariable Dancer21 May to 13 September
Argia tibialisBlue-tipped Dancer3 June to 23 August
Chromagrion conditumAurora Damsel8 May to 14 June
Enallagma aspersumAzure Bluet9 May to 16 October
Enallagma civileFamiliar Bluet29 June to 23 October
Enallagma daeckiiAttenuated Bluet2 June to 10 August
Enallagma divagansTorquise Bluet8 May to 28 June
Enallagma doubledayiAtlantic Bluet9 May to 16 October
Enallagma durumBig Bluet30 May to 11 September (rare)
Enallagma exsulansStream Bluet16 June to 2 August
Enallagma geminatumSkimming Bluet29 April to 14 September
Enallagma pictumScarlet Bluet10 June to 14 August
Enallagma recurvatumPine Barrens Bluet10 May to 27 June
Enallagma signatumOrange Bluet8 May to 10 September
Enallagma traviatumSlender Bluet27 May to 11 July
Enallagma vesperumEvening Bluet15 May to 29 July
Enallagma weewaBlackwater Bluet21 May to 23 August
Ischnura hastataCitrine Forktail23 April to 24 October
Ischnura kellicottiLilypad Forktail12 May to 13 September
Ischnura positaFragile Forktail28 March to 8 October
Ischnura ramburiiRambur's Forktail10 May to 23 October
Ischnura verticalisCommon Forktail25 March to 1 September
Nehalennia gracilisSphagnum Sprite11 May to 1 September
Nehalennia integricollisSouthern Sprite20 June to 10 August (rare)

Anisoptera - Dragonflies

Scientific Name
Vernacular Name
Anax juniusCommon Green Darner10 April to 1 January
Anax longipesComet Darner20 June to 27 September
Aeshna clepsydraMottled Darner11 September (1 record)
Aeshna umbrosaShadow Darner1 September to 16 October (rare)
Basiaeschna janataSpringtime Darner15 April to 16 June
Nasiaeschna pentacanthaCyrano Darner21 May to 19 July
Boyeria vinosaFawn Darner23 June to 18 September
Epiaeschna herosSwamp Darner19 April to 24 October
Gomphaeschna antilopeTaper-tailed Darner26 May to 29 June
Gomphaeschna furcillataHarlequin darner30 April to 13 June
Arigomphus villosipesUnicorn Clubtail19 May to 30 June
Gomphus exilisLancet Clubtail20 April to 19 July
Gomphus apomyiusBanner Clubtail21 May to 24 June
Hagenius brevistylusDragonhunter23 June to 23 August
Progomphus obscurusCommon Sanddragon25 May to 8 August
Stylurus plagiatusRusset-tipped Clubtail23 June to 23 September
Cordulegaster diastatopsDelta-spotted Spiketail14 May to 15 June
Cordulegaster maculatusTwin-spotted Spiketail10 April to 3 June
Didymops transversaStream Cruiser30 April to 15 June
Macromia alleghaniensisAlleghany River Cruiser2 June to 28 July
Macromia illinoiensis georginaSwift River Cruiser12 June to 1 September
Dorocordulia lepidaPetite Emerald22 May to 25 June
Helocordulia uhleriUhler's Sundragon16 April to 9 June
Somatochlora filosaFine-lined Emerald29 June to 11 November
Somatochlora linearisMocha Emerald7 August to 27 August (rare)
Somatochlora provocansTreetop Emerald20 June to 9 September
Somatochlora tenebrosaClamp-tipped Emerald23 June to 1 September
Epicordulia princepsPrince Baskettail2 June to 29 July
Epitheca costalisStripe-winged Baskettail15 May to 25 June
Epitheca cynosuraCommon Baskettail5 May to 12 May (rare)
Epitheca spinosaRobust Baskettail15 April to 17 May
Epitheca semiaqueaMantled Baskettail16 April to 25 June
Brachymesia gravida Four-spotted Pennant7 July to 24 August (rare)
Celithemis elisaCalico Pennant12 May to 8 October
Celithemis eponinaHalloween Pennant14 June to 18 September
Celithemis fasciataBanded Pennant27 May to 8 August
Celithemis marthaMartha's Pennant9 May to 29 September
Celithemis vernaDouble-ringed Pennant6 June to 20 July (rare)
Erythemis simplicicollisEastern Pondhawk15 May to 8 October
Erythrodiplax bereniceSeaside Dragonlet21 May to 15 September
Ladona deplanataBlue Corporal Skimmer25 March to 27 June
Ladona exustaWhite Corporal Skimmer20 April to 8 July
Libellula auripennisGolden-winged Skimmer28 June to 20 August
Libellula axilenaBar-winged Skimmer26 May to 27 September
Libellula cyaneaEastern Spangled Skimmer11 May to 8 August
Libellula flavidaYellow-sided Skimmer11 May to 11 July
Libellula incestaSlaty Skimmer30 May to 14 September
Libellula luctuosaWidow Skimmer2 June to 13 September
Libellula needhamiNeedham's Skimmer20 May to 19 September
Libellula pulchellaTwelve-spotted Skimmer26 May to 23 October
Libellula semifasciataPainted Skimmer16 April to 9 October
Libellula vibransGreat Blue Skimmer20 May to 7 September
Nannothemis bellaElfin Skimmer11 May to 8 August
Pachydiplax longipennisBlue Dasher21 May to 17 October
Pantala flavescensWandering Glider11 June to 18 October
Pantala hymenaeaSpot-winged Glider11 June to 23 October
Perithemis teneraEastern Amberwing19 June to 2 August
Plathemis lydiaCommon Whitetail29 April to 19 September
Sympetrum ambiguumBlue-faced Meadowhawk20 June to 24 October
Sympetrum corruptumVariegated Meadowhawk24 August to 28 October (vagrant)
Sympetrum janeae (=S. internum)Jane's Meadowhawk (Cherry-faced)20 June to 23 October
Sympetrum obtrusumWhite-faced Meadowhawk1 September to 9 October.
Sympetrum rubicundulumRuby Meadowhawk26 and 27 September
Sympetrum semicinctumBand-winged Meadowhawk (rare)27 June to July 9
Sympetrum vicinumYellow-legged Meadowhawk25 June to 3 December
Tramea calvertiStriped Saddlebags24 June to 8 October (vagrant)
Tramea carolinaCarolina Saddlebags27 April to 29 September
Tramea lacerataBlack Saddlebags27 April to 23 October
Tramea onustaRed-mantled Saddlebags4 July to 3 October (vagrant)