Some Southern Odonates

Argia fumipennis. fumipennis (Variable Dancer - dark winged form) male
Enallagma davisi (Sandhill Bluet) male
Telebasis byersi (Duckweed Firetail) male ?
Arigomphus pallidus (Gray Green Clubtail) male and female
Gomphus diminutus (Diminutive Clubtail) male
Gomphus hybridus (Cocoa Clubtail) male and female
Gomphus parvidens (Piedmont Clubtail) male and female
Helocordulia selysi and uhleri (The Sundragons) male of each species to compare
Corphaeschna ingens (Regal Darner) female
Tholymis citrina (Evening Skimmer) female
Orthemis sp. (Skimmer - no common name: see notes) male