Horace's Duskywing (Erynnis horatius) Larvae
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Early - Mid instar Erynnis horatius larvae on Quercus prinoides - 9/22/01

A - very early


B - Early

C - Early

D - pre-molt

E -pre-molt

F - mid

F - mid

G - mid

H - mid
Late instar Erynnis horatius larvae on Quercus velutina 9/7-16/01

I -mature

These pictures represent nine individuals (A -I), in the approximate order of age and size. It illustrates the variation in head color, which appears to be partially age related, with some individual variation. In general, the earlier stages have blackish heads, with or without red spot, including pre-molt stages. The heads get progessively redder in older stages with variable red to orange-red spot.

Digital Pictures by Bob Barber bbarber@odonate.com