.. .Question: When is Viola's Satyr.....not ?
 .. .Answer: When it is 1000 miles out of range.

This Megisto Satyr was photographed on 7 June 2001 in Cumberland County, New Jersey. Obviously, it can't be Viola's Satyr (Megisto viola), and must be a variant of the Little Wood Satyr (Megisto cymela). If I had seen this butterfly within the range of M. viola, I would have certainly "ticked it" . Viola's should/would have larger spots on the upper surface of the wing (fide H. Legrand), but this is probably as variable on M. viola as it is on M. cymela. The spot (both pictures) are larger than "typical" local M. cymela

Do you want larger eye-spots ?

This Little Wood Satyr was photographed on 16 June 2001 in Cumberland County, New Jersey. The underwing is slightly less heavily marked than the one from 7 June, but the yellow "eye-spots" are relatively larger in size above and below.

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