Lycaenid pupae - Butternut and Hickory

4 days since pupation
no more color change expected.

Not typical for Satyrium calanus
pupa from Juglans cinerea
10 days since pupation

Typical Satyrium calanus
pupa from Carya pallida
When collected, the larvae that became the atypical colored pupa (from Juglans cinerea), was pre-pupal and had lost its color and pattern. The pupa appears to be extremely different from the typical Satyrium calanus larvae. David Wright says he sees a lot of variation in the pupa of coppers and blues, but not the hairstreaks. Could we have Satyrium caryaevorun in southern NJ? We will have to wait for eclosure to determine this, but even if it is S. calanus it could be interesting.

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